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TPR has an excellent flexural fatigue resistance and high impact strength. It start out soft and have product added to make them harder. This type of material is ideal for manufacturing a variety of textures. Hygiene And Maintenance TPR is less porous than cyberskin but more porous than silicone, so we recommend using condoms when sharing.

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TPR Sex Toy Material. TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) is a polymer blend that exhibits a thermoplastic character. Example Many adult toys are made of TPR. Other common uses of this material are bicycle handles, toothbrush handles and some children's toys.

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Toxic Material: A toxic sex toy is a toy whose material had unsafe chemicals added to it. Toxicity is never good. Ever. It’s also hard to tell when a toy is toxic, as companies aren’t under any legal obligation to state if they are toxic.

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TPE is softer, which makes it a much better material for more realistic sex dolls and generally means that a TPE sex doll will be better. TPE is matte, while TPR is glossier. If you’ve ever looked at yourself in the mirror, you’ll have noticed that your own skin isn’t typically very glossy so as far as looks are concerned TPE is also the winner.

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TPR/TPE Sex Toys. Also known as an elastomer, TPR/TPE is the most popular of the old school sex toy materials. It’s the material that often gives sex toys that new car smell.

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Not so long ago, there was widespread sex toy panic over soft toy materials like TPR thanks to the dreaded phthalate. Here’s the deal on phthalates. Some rubbers and plastics aren’t very soft to begin with, so they’re not as easy to mold into various shapes (a penis or a pussy, for example).

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The safe bet in using sex toys made from TPR or TPE as well as with any porous product is to protect yourself with a condom. The main danger here is their porousness makes them a good place for bacterial growth. At the same time, TPR&TPE have their advantages - they are flexible, soft and not too pricey.

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Cannot be sterilized, toy cleaner or mild soap only. TPR is not hypoallergenic; Compatible with water-based lube only. Silicone: Widely believed to be the best material for adult toys, silicone is a durable, non porous material that is completely hypoallergenic. Silicone contains no phthalates and is velvety soft.

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Now, like a lot of other people, I see you've thought -- can I just put a condom on it? I wish! Would make things a lot easier! Unfortunately, due to the way it's manufactured, TPR is also an unstable material -- it'll basically "sweat" out the oily matrix that is keeping the toy soft and squishy at a molecular level. You can see evidence of this if you, say, lay the toy on a piece of paper (brown shopping bag works best for visibility), and come back in even just a few minutes.

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Sex toys are commonly made of three main categories of materials: porous, non-porous, and slightly porous. The bad news is that you can only get one of them can get completelyyyyy clean. (Yikes.) ICYDK, porous is another way of saying "bacteria can get in and stay in." For that reason, your best choice is a toy made of a non-porous material.