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12 Hidden Sexual Images In Disney Movies - Wtf Gallery ...

This scene shows the toy characters reacting with wide-eyed shock seeing their now grown up owner, Andy engaging in a grown up sex act. Only the suggestive shadow is view-able. However it has been proven that the image with the shadow did not actually appear in any version of Toy Story 3, it was created as a viral hoax.

80 Cartoon Look-Alikes Captured In Real Life | Bored Panda

Either these cartoon doppelgangers are mimicking their favorite cartoons, or the cartoons are beginning to mimic... us. If you have any pictures of perfect cartoon character look-alikes, then please share them with us by adding them to this list! Upvote your favorites to the top as well! This post may include affiliate links.

29 Naughty Hidden Secrets In Disney Films - Eighties Kids

Join us in taking a look at 29 of Disney’s most controversial hidden ‘secrets’ – but don’t blame us if it ruins your childhood. 29. The Lion King’s ‘sex’ scene. Hailed as one of Disney’s best animated efforts, The Lion King is also one of the Mouse House’s most notoriously cheeky films.


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Sorceress: Heroic Guardian of Castle ... - A He-Man Blog

It should also be noted that the Sorceress in “The New Adventures of He-Mancartoon looks completely different, and her design looks like a hybrid between the Filmation look and the mini-comic version, as it has the elements of both.

List of Crayon Shin-chan characters - Wikipedia

Masao's mother, whose face looks almost identical to that of her son's. Masao-kun's father (マサオの父親, Masao kun no Baba) He works in an office and is referred to as a boring person by Masao. His father said that before his marriage he was in a rock band. Bo-chan's mother (ボーちゃんのママ, Bō-chan no Mama) She is mother of Bo.

Beavis and Butt-head (music video commentary) - Wikiquote

Beavis: [Singing along] I'm a zombie/I'm a dead guy/I like to eat people's brains/and um, and like, look at my eyeballs/and I'm a dead guy in a corner/and I'm a zombie." Butt-head: That was pretty good, Beavis! You should like, be a lead singer. Beavis: Yeah! All I need is clown makeup.