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What is Automatic Expansion Valve and Working Principles ...

Automatic expansion valves or constant pressure expansion valves are a type of valve used to regulate a refrigerant’s pressure in a cooling or refrigeration unit. It helps meter liquid refrigerant to the evaporator, ensuring that the pressure is where it needs to be to achieve the state change from liquid to gas.

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Automatic Expansion Valves- Parker A Series. Parker A Series automatic expansion valves control downstream refrigerant pressure. They can be used in hot gas bypass, expansion, or freeze protection applications.

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Automatic expansion valve: Of automatic expansion valve ...

Automatic expansion valve is designed to maintain constant pressure in the evaporator. This is achieved through the interaction of forces between the pressure in the evaporator under the diaphragm and spring pressure on him.

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The automatic expansion valve (AXV or AEV) is an expansion device that meters the refrigerant to the evaporator by using a pressure-sensing device. The AXV maintains a constant pressure in the evaporator. When the tension is increased, the valve will feed more refrigerant and increase the suction pressure.

Thermostatic and Automatic Expansion Valves

Catalog E-1, Thermostatic & Automatic Expansion Valves / Page 5 C(E) Series The C(E) series incorporates a brass body with a 90° elbow inlet and SAE flare fittings using balanced port construction, allowing operation over varying load conditions. Designed for use on small refrigeration and or air conditioning systems,

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Automatic Expansion Valve (AEV): Automatic expansion valve ...

Automatic Expansion Valve (AEV) One of the dry system uses an automatic expansion valve (AEV) refrigerant flow control, Fig. 4-19. This valve can only be used at a temperature of-wheel motor control. As the pressure falls on the low side, the expansion valve opens and liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator.

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Thermostatic Expansion Valves. ACP Automatic Thermostatic Expansion Valves. The LA (E) series is a desuperheating (Liquid Injection) valve used in conjunction with hot gas bypass to prevent excessive suction line superheat. LA (E) valves can be used for interstage cooling in compound systems. VIEW PRODUCT.

Constant Pressure Expansion Valve or Automatic Expansion ...

The constant pressure expansion valve, also called as the automatic expansion valve is another type of the throttling device used in the refrigeration and the air conditioning systems. The constant pressure expansion valve maintains the pressure inside the evaporator constant. no matter what the refrigeration load is on the refrigeration system.