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China: sex toy consumer age distribution 2018 | Statista

In 2018, around two-third of the adult toy consumers aged under 35, whereas those who were over 41 years old accounted for 14 percent of the sex toy sales. Read more

China: sex toy consumer age distribution 2018 | Statista

The demand of sex toy had been rising in China in the recent few years, mainly from the young adults.

Size of the global sex toy market 2019-2026 | Statista

Sex toys in the U.S. Sex toys are very popular among American adults. A recent survey in the United States found that some 65 percent of female consumers own some kind of sex toy .

China: sex toy sales value by gender 2019 | Statista

Favorite online providers for sex toys of U.S. female consumers 2017 U.S. sexual wellness market share by product 2014-2025 Number of girls and women victim or at risk of FGM in Belgium, by region

The Biggest Sex Toy Trends of 2020 | Shape

Here's the DL on all the hottest sex toy trends of 2020 to get through quarantine and beyond. 1. App-Enabled Distance Toys. "In this current moment of social distancing, couples around the world are re-thinking how to create [intimacy] from afar," says Dominnique Karetsos, advisor to MysteryVibe.

China: sex toy market size 2018 | Statista

Chinese sex toy market was booming in the recent few years, which could be reflected by a significant increase of startups and a rising consumer demand. In 2018, the market size of adult toys in ...

Classification of Consumers on the basis of Age & Sex | How ...

Customers may be classified on the basis of sex; namely Male Consumer and Female Consumer. Male and Female Consumers. 1. Male Consumers. Male customers are generally experienced and learned. They are not interested in shopping for longer periods. They get bored if they are compelled to stay. As such they take quick buying decisions.

Safe Sexual Products - NAASAS

Examples of Safer Sex Toys: Make packaging a priority with clear instructions for consumers to use safely. Include health warnings: i.e., Warning consumers to not use phallic products for anal use without a flared base to prevent the inability to remove it; Pacemaker warnings for electrostimulation sex toys, etc.

Beyond plug and play: The acquisition and meaning of ...

The sex toys had significance for the consumers because of the part which they played in the sexual relationship, and not entirely because of any commercially and socially shared constructed symbolism (Mayr, 2020). In fact, it is important to note that the meaning of the sex toys in the study's narratives derived from the purchase and use that ...