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Is a normal dildo enough for an anal/prostate orgasm ...

I bought an 8"5 dildo today. Can I achieve anal orgasm from that alone or do I need another toy aswell. I also have the Njoy pure wand but I was wondering wether only a normal dildo could do the job aswell. It will be my first time, my only anal experience is fingering and a small buttplug.

Mindgasm or can kegels ( no toy) make you orgasm? : ProstatePlay

Mindgasm or can kegels ( no toy) make you orgasm? nsfw So I have been going about a week without fapping and I usually try to achieve a prostate orgasm thru toys or my fingers etc. but the only way I can orgasm hands free is if I sit there and do kegels with no toy or anything.

Can we talk vibrators? What brand/kind do you recommend ...

It's funny, because I can orgasm from vaginal stimulation, and yet still prefer to masturbate clit-only. I just bought a wildly expensive rabbit-style vibrator/dildo, annnnnd I'm regretting it. I mean, it's cool, it's got magnets, but I'm just never going to use it enough to justify how much money I wasted on it.

Question on size of phallic toys in rato to your SO ... - reddit

1. level 1. Do-the-nasty. · 4y. My GF has a dildo that's bigger than me and the only problem we've ever had is using the dildo before having sex and she'll be too stretched out for me and it won't feel as good. If the dildo is bigger use it after sex instead of before. 1. level 1. smalldickhugeload.

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Reddit Asked: Why Are My Orgasms SO MUCH Stronger with Sex Toys?

The answer: The short answer: Yes, vibrators totally have an unfair advantage in the bedroom, because they're man-made sex toys specifically designed to get you off, says Napolitano. "Sex with a ...

Does a dildo feel any different then a real penis? - reddit

I have lots of dildos. Some of them feel nothing like a penis (Njoy Pure Wand, for example) and some feel pretty close (anything by VixSkin, after having been soaked in warm water for a few minutes). Some dildos do feel better than penises for me, because they target specific internal erogenous zones.

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