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How do I get the poo smell off a silicone butt plug? : SexToys

I am trying this right now cause my toy smells like shit so hope it works . Edit1: It worked it doesn`t have any smell. So the lesson that I learnt today was to make sure that your anus is clean before you try and do anything with or else your damn plug gona be cover in shit AND it gona smell like it was in the sewers .

How to Remove Smell From Silicone - Get Smell Out

Put a half cup of soda in a gallon of water and throw the toy in. Give it a good soaking. Repeat this part of the cleaning if you don’t feel confident that the smell is coming out. The baking soda won’t damage the toy at all. Then spray the toy with Febreze. You can also tag-team the spray freshener with a toy cleaner solution if you like.

I ahhhh...I had my silicone toy inside me for 3 hours and now ...

I always found running it under hot water for a while (like 5-10 minutes) did the trick. Hottest water from your tap. Would be a similar effect to boiling it, but can be done more discreetly. One thing to know is that smell comes from oils, so the reason your toy smells is because there is oil on it / in it.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys and Accessories: 9 Do’s, Don’ts

Playing with an unclean sex toy that’s been stored incorrectly is kind of like eating a loose mint that’s been rolling around in the bottom of a purse or gym bag for a while — sticky and ...

6 things you should know about cleaning your sex toys

2. Be battery-safe. Avoid submerging your battery-operated toys in water to wash them. If they require batteries, they buzz or they plug into the wall, you need to be extra careful. A wipe-down ...

How to Clean and Store Sex Toys Properly So You Can Focus on ...

If you do decide to bleach a sex toy, though, you want a weak solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water, Finn says. Let the toy soak for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse it off thoroughly, then wash it ...

How to Clean Your Sex Toys Without Damaging Them - Expert ...

For a more high-tech means to get your toys clean, there's also the UVee — a sex toy sanitizing system that promises disinfect 99.9 percent of all bacteria using light in ten minutes — which ...

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Product Description. Liquid Ass is an overwhelming, Stinky, funny prank product. Once unleashed, this power-packed, super-concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt-crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo. The funny pranks you can pull with Liquid Ass are unlimited.

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Body smell like poop A 20-year-old male asked: My body smells like poop, i cant stay at the same room with people, i have tried everything, i always shower, brush my teeth, wash hair, use perfumes, do exercises, my eating is also good, what caused it? and how to treat it? please help! help?

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Smells is like purposes. Penis in anus it can only take on that "wonderful exciting fragrance" There's a bit of irony in my words, but do not let it bother you to continue to enjoy it anal sex. React. Like. Helpful. Funny. Disagree. 1 Person. TrooperD007 | 77 opinions shared on Sexuality topic.