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Are Crystal Dildos Safe For Your Vagina? - Women's Health

Crystals and crystal dildos are having a moment right now, but is the "healing" material actually safe to use in your vagina? Experts explain the risks of stone sex toys and how to use them properly.

Is My Vibrator Ruining My Vagina? - Cosmopolitan

My vagina is not too uppity to turn down a good deal. I received my first vibrator when I was a junior in high school, a present from my older sister who was home from college and ready to ...

Can using a wide dildo stretch your vagina too much? - Sexual ...

Dalubaba gave you very good advice. I don't see why using bigger toys could permanently stretch your vagina if you do the kegal exercises.These exercises are great for keeping the vagina tight. You might want to be careful about how big you go with your toys and if there's any pain of course stop using it and go back to a smaller one.

is it safe for a virgin to use a dildo? | Sexual Intercourse ...

hi. i've masturbated using my fingers and in the shower and i'm considering trying a dildo, but i'm still a virgin. is this safe/okay? do i have to use a lubric This topic is answered by a medical expert.

18 things you should never put in your vagina | Fox News

Those substances can also be irritating to the vaginal skin, so it might seem like a good idea at the time, but you may have either vaginal irritation or a vaginal infection afterwards,” says ...

Is it weird to sleep with a dildo inside you? - GirlsAskGuys

askamisha | 73 opinions shared on Sexuality topic. am sure your dildo would have slide out in some time after you went to sleep.. It is not possible for it to be in as the moisture and the contraction doesn't let it stay in for a longer time. slatyb | 8.5K opinions shared on Sexuality topic.

10 Things to Never Put In Your Vagina - shape.com

"They contain ingredients and chemicals that can dry out the vagina, cause irritation, and increase the risk of tiny tears in your vagina that bacteria and viruses can enter through," says Dr. Minkin.

When Your Doctor Prescribes A Vibrator For Your Aging Vagina ...

There are also vaginal lasers, a relatively new FDA-approved treatment, that work by stimulating collagen production along vaginal walls, helping to build up the tissue again. The MonaLisa Touch and similar laser processes require three treatments (spaced a month apart) and cost about $3,000 that likely won’t be covered by your insurance.

An Approved List of Things That Can Go Into Your Vagina ...

Sex toys According to recent statistics , the global adult sex toy market is poised to reach $29 billion by 2020. That’s a lot of sex toys… although not all of them are safe.

8 things you should NEVER do to your vagina | Metro News

There are two main ways why this is so bad for you. As well as claiming to clean the vagina with its mixture of plants, herbs and other weird substances, it tries to tighten it by drying it out.